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                Welcome to visit shandong luxin Hoisting equipment co., LTD. Web site!


                Shandong luxin Hoisting equipment co., LTD

                Set design, manufacture, sales, service as one

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                Contact:Manager zhang  

                Address: Shandongxintai Development zone district zhengyang road

                Phone:86 0538 7442439

                Fax:86 0538 7442578

                Sales hotline:13954843789

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                ? ? Shandong new hoisting equipment co., LTD. Is a set design. Manufacturing. Sales. Service as one of the crane large-scale comprehensive enterprise; Is approved by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine has a-class manufacturing certificate and install the certificate of hoisting machinery manufacturing company, the company is equipped with A mechanical processing equipment, with physics. Electric. Hydraulic. Chemical test. Test method, established A perfect quality system; Company main products are electric hoist, single-girder crane. Double beam crane. The gantry crane. European crane. Explosion-proof crane. Metallurgy crane, grab crane. Electric flat car, such as gb and non-standard crane products, products are exported to all over the world. New company covers an area of 70000 square meters, the workshop covers an area of 20000 square meters, large outdoor door crane working area of 15000 square meters; The registered capital of 50.5 million yuan. Annual output value over one hundred million yuan, profit and tax ten million yuan; 13, 228 employees, including engineers and technicians 128, fixed assets of 52.4 million yuan, is equipped with maohan. Mechanical processing. Blasting derusting. Kaiping line such as 150 sets of large-scale production and testing equipment, the company for many years been taian system named top 20 enterprises. 13511 engineering protection and the contract and trustworthy enterprise; The products of the company in 2005 passed the ISO9001:2005 quality management system. The company relying on scientific management system, convenient transportation conditions, strong production capacity, equipped with testing equipment and sales network, to create inexpensive new brand crane series products, serve the national industry, and efforts to enter the overseas markets; Shandong new company welcome new and old customers to visit our company to visit guidance.