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                Grab selection method with the crane

                There are many kinds of according to grapple with the crane crane grab the purpose of the grab bucket can be divided into single rope hanging, two rope grab, four rope grab, four rope take type grab, electric motor grab, stainless steel grab, hydraulic disc grab more, shear type grab, timber grab, electric hydraulic grab according to the proportion of grab materials, and all kinds of grab bucket can be divided into light grab, medium-sized grab, grab and heavy and super-heavy grab in front of the grab bucket type selection, want to make sure the grab work environment, grasp objects, a number of cubic grab objects and materials proportion is how much, and grab with the information such as the tonnage crane Then according to the crane information to determine which type of grab to use after confirming the type of grab, but also to confirm the grab opening direction, vertical to the crane girder or parallel to the crane