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                Crane operation

                If the weight is very big, crane (crane operation normally just four driving and driven wheels. The increase of the wheel to reduce the wheel pressure. When the wheel beyond four balanced articulated frame device for the necessary, make the crane load evenly distributed on each wheel.

                Bridge of the metal structure is composed of main girder and end beam, divided into the single main girder bridge and double beam bridge two kinds. Single main girder bridge by single girder and in the end on both sides of the span of beam, double girder frame is composed of two main girder and end beam.

                Main girder and end beam, rigid connection on both ends of the beam is equipped with wheels, to support bridge run on overhead. Main girder welding on the track, for lifting the car running. The structure of the bridge girder type is more than the typical box structure, four truss structure and vierendeel truss structure.

                Box structure and can be divided into the right box double beam, partial rail box double beam, partial rail box girder to wait for a few kinds. On track box double beam is widely used in a basic form, main girder by on either side of the upper and lower flange plate and the vertical web, rail car arrangement in the center of the line on the flange, simple structure, easy fabrication, suitable for batch production, but gravity is bigger.

                Partial rail box double beam and rail box single girder cross section are ranged from upper and lower flange plate and the thickness of the deputy of web plate, car rail is arranged above the main girder, the casing short stiffening plate could save, in which partial rail box single main box girder is composed of a wide flange instead of two main girder, the weight is small, but made more complex. Four by four pieces of plane truss girder structure combination into a closed space structure, the appearance is generally covered by horizontal truss bedplate, weight light, stiffness big, but compared with other structures, appearance size, made more complex, the fatigue strength is low, have less production.

                Vierendeel truss structure similar to partial rail box girders, is composed of four pieces of steel structure of a closed, in addition to the main web for solid abdomen i-section girder, the other three piece of sheet metal in accordance with the design requirements of cutting into many window, form a vierendeel truss without diagonal, upper and lower levels of truss appearance covered by bedplate, crane running mechanism and electrical equipment installed inside the bridge, weight is lighter, the overall stiffness is large, it is more widely used in China a type.




                General bridge crane mainly driven by electricity, generally is a driver interior control, also has a remote control the weight of up to five hundred tons, span of 60 meters.