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                Gantry crane classification, specific have what kind of?

                Gantry crane, according to the application form into crane have four classes. 1. General gantry crane, the crane, the number of the box type and girder structure, USES a very wide range. Can carry a variety of items and material, the weight below 100 tons, the span of 4 ~ 39 meters. Grab the general gantry crane work level is higher. Ordinary gantry crane is mainly refers to hook gantry crane, grab, electromagnetic, gourd, at the same time it also contains the semi gantry crane. 2. Hydropower station gantry crane Mainly used for lifting and opening and closing valve, also can install operations. Gantry crane according to the weight at the same time, and can be divided into 16 ton gantry crane, 10 tons of gantry crane, 5 tons gantry crane, 32 tons gantry crane.