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                A good example of flower gantry crane, construction materials

                Flower door the door frame of the crane bridge (including the main girder and end beam) leg and under beam parts. In order to expand the scale of crane operation, main girder can leg out to one side or both sides, the formation of cantilever. Also can be used with boom lifting the car, after a boom luffing crane operation scale and rotation extension. Compared with the double girder gantry crane, the less stiffness. Therefore, as a component of the Q span 50 t S 35 m or less, or less gantry crane (also called a gantry crane) on both sides of the bridge after leg support bridge type crane on the tracks on the ground. Structure on the door frame, cart running mechanism, lifting cars and electric local, etc. Some of the gantry crane has leg on one side only.


                Flower gantry crane can be used this way. Single girder gantry crane gate legs have L type and C type in two ways. L manufacturing equipment is convenient, the stress condition is good, itself quality is small, but the lifting goods after leg space is relatively small. C type of supporting feet make it tilt or curve, intent to have larger transverse space, to make the goods smoothly through the leg. Double girder gantry crane capacity is strong, big span, all the good stability, variety, quality with the same size but is larger than single girder gantry crane, cost is higher also. Using steel plate welded into a box structure, has high safety, such as large stiffness characteristics. Commonly used in large tonnage and very large tonnage of gantry crane. Such devices have small flower of gantry crane, single-beam bridge crane and gantry crane, etc.