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                Electric door crane, specializing in the production of good process

                Electric door crane span large, all the good stability, double girder gantry crane carrying capacity is strong. Variety, but the quality itself with the same weight of single girder gantry crane compared to larger, cost is higher also. According to the main girder structure is different, can divide again for box beam and truss in two ways. Generally a multiple-choice box shaped structure. Generally refers to "isosceles triangle honeycomb beam girder end face" for the triangle, honeycomb holes on both sides of oblique abdominal, top and bottom chord. Honeycomb beam absorbed truss beam and the characteristics of box girder, the truss beam has a larger rigidity, the smaller the deflection, the reliability is high.

                Electric door lock on crane when the power supply circuit breaker or a sign Should by the relevant person to remove rear can close the main power supply. In general, the weight under 50 t, span within the 35 m, no special use requirements, appropriate chooses the single girder crane. If required leg width is big, high operation speed, or often lifting heavy thing, grew up, appropriate chooses the double girder gantry crane. The span of gantry crane is an important factor affecting the quality of the crane itself. Pick, satisfied equipment using the conjunction span series standard terms and conditions of the premise, should try to cut the span. And small electric crane gantry crane, Marine electric hoist and metallurgical 5 tons of electric hoist, etc.