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                Metallurgy, electric hoist, which is used to create the miracle of industry

                Above equipments in crane, gantry crane, electric hoist, electric hoist is a kind of special lifting equipment. Electric hoist has small volume, light weight, short operation, use characteristics such as convenience, used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouse, dock, occasion. Reducer, lifting motor, motor operation, firearms, cable wire, the broken drum, hook, coupling, introduction of flexible cable current device integrating force and braking force, etc. Electric hoist construction reducer: choose three fixed axis helical gear rolling organization, gear and gear axle has been heat treated alloy steel, box, box cover is made from excellent cast iron, install close together, good seal. This crane and multi-function crane, explosion-proof electric hoist as well as the Marine electric hoist and so on.

                Metallurgical electric hoist structures and characteristics: this machine USES electromechanical integration planning, replacing different mold, can suppress different standard of steel wire rope, distribution is simple and safe. The main defects for motor cooling premise is poor, poor group, inspection, equipment, motor maintenance convenience, clutter power supply equipment. Electric idea axis parallel to the roll axis electric hoist, the steel wire rope electric hoist strengths for the height and length scale is small. Its shortcomings for the width dimension is big, poor group, production and installation of clutter. The classification of steel wire rope electric hoist and narrative form part of the wire rope electric hoist are: motor, the idea structure, drum and sprocket. With motor and roll bearing different can be roughly divided into four types.