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                Single-girder crane crane manufacturer analysis in the construction of how to save fuel

                Single-girder crane crane manufacturer analysis in the construction of how to save oil:

                1, unit load oil consumption reduction. Under the condition of traffic conditions allow, the weight of the vehicle up to the rated load, can raise the productivity, and to decrease the unit weight of fuel consumption.

                2, grasp the economic speed. Construction of roads is generally for informal roads, even, this kind of circumstance should master the safety, fuel consumption and speed of several aspects of the relationship, right off the etheric T815 car half load as an example, the relationship between the fuel consumption and vehicle speed is: speed of 25 to 30 km/h, less fuel consumption, namely in the construction, the speed can make the production efficiency and can achieve the economic and reasonable.

                3, the correct selection of truck crane lubricating oil. Choose good engine lubricating oil is about truck crane can reduce power consumption, reduce fuel consumption of the key factors, the choice of technical crane lube, winter, single-beam crane should choose different specifications and grades of lubricating oil in summer.

                4, truck crane to reduce vehicle weight as much as possible. Increase light weight will correspondingly increase fuel consumption, therefore, under the premise of construction engineering quality is not affected when additional equipment should remove the vehicle.